5 Solid tips to find a great IELTS tutor for you

by Dinu Rajendran
    ☰ 17th Sept. 2021

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Most of the time, finding a good IELTS tutor could be possible, but finding a great one is tricky.

So, if you wish for a great IELTS tutor, here are some solid tips to find the perfect match.

Tip #1: Look for experience.

When you look for a good IELTS tutor, you should look for experience. And I don’t just mean tutoring experience. An IELTS tutor should be experienced with the exam itself. The best IELTS tutors have past IELTS teaching experience on their resumes.

Also, avoid bookish tutors who don't have practical exposure on the subject of IELTS as they fail to guide you to definite success.

So keep an eye out for these kinds of highly practical IELTS exam coaches.

Tip #2: Look for someone who knows British English

The IELTS features a few different accents, but standard British English dominates the exam. The ideal IELTS tutor is very familiar with British English. The UK and British nationals make great IELTS tutors. So do non-native English speakers who have studied British English. Tutors from non-English speaking countries can also be great tutors, of course. But make sure that any non-native IELTS tutor understands the distinct and unique features of British English.

Tip #3: Look for free demos before you start

Often, the Best tutors offer free demo IELTS sessions, prior to the IELTS course, for the prospective students, so that the students could be able to assess the quality of teaching before they start their IELTS programs.

Tip #4: Search for tutors both online and offline

IELTS Tutoring can be done face-to-face. You may be able to find IELTS tutors right in your neighborhood or community. This is especially true if you live in a bigger city. But don’t be afraid to look online as well. If you’re open to online, webcam-based tutoring, you have access to a much bigger selection of IELTS tutors.

Tip #5: Look for tailor-made tutoring sessions

A good tutor can address your personal academic needs whereas, some larger tutoring companies only provide pre-made tutoring lessons. By this, I mean lessons where the materials and activities have already been chosen for you and your tutor. This generally leads to tutoring that is less-than-perfect. In fact, “one-size-fits-all” tutoring can be useless or even harmful for students.

Not only that, but the “one-size-fits-all” approach defeats the whole purpose of tutoring. If you’re meeting a teacher one-on-one, they can give you the exact materials and help you need. Look for a tutor who understands your learning needs. Tell them your strengths, weaknesses, goals, target score, and so on. A good tutor will be willing and eager to help you with your specific challenges.

Good luck.

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