Cambridge, Edexcel, Local Science (grade 1- O/L, A/L) By A Lecturer Of State University

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O/L (Grade 6-11)
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Miss Pragathi Premasiri (BSc. 1st class Hons University of Peradeniya, MSc University of Colombo , M
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Science ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics) for grade 1- O/L, A/L Cambridge, Edexcel, Local ( both Sinhala & English) Medium by a Lecturer of State University of Srilanka who holds BSc. (1st class hons) & MSc with years of teaching experience.

The Theory will be covered with gradual comprehensions & series of evaluation papers where the student do not need to struggle with extreme studies immidiately before the Exams.Special attention for the weak students who frustrate with Science

The class is consisted of Theory, Revision & Past papers. The student will gradually expose to hard questions. Specially for the O/L & A/L candidates can prepare for the exam from the beginning with the basics. Thus the Revisions & the Past paper sessions will be done & paper marking also will be done by the Lecturer her self & the marks will be given.

Science is a practical subject with theory & high amount of applications. There you need to do considerable amount of comprehensions. That will be covered by this class.

Individual classes or small group classes can be arranged according to the preference of the students. In individual classes the 100% attention would be there to the particular student.

Best Results guaranteed as the Lecturer has prepared many students in past years who scored As & A* with world prizes.
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2021-11-25 09:51AM
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